So, what DO you know about “impact”?

Contributing to the conversation on the CHABAHIVA Collaborative Network (CCN) about impact assessment, Nicky du Plessis, CEO of the Field Band Foundation, wrote the following:

“Monitoring and evaluation is a topic that is getting hotter and hotter for all public benefit organisations. Everyone needs to demonstrate that their activities are effective, efficient and producing the results they intend, and more and more are we all required to measure, assess and prove ourselves. The depressed economic environment means that funding partners are under pressure themselves to justify their spend externally.  So the pressure is being extended downwards and outwards and sometimes it can feel extremely daunting. What information do we need? How should we collect it? And most importantly, what do we do with it when we have it!?

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The Other Pandemic . . .

Churches should review a pandemic that is slowly moving out of sight, writes ANELEH FOURIE-LE ROUX.

(This Article was originally published in Die Kerkbode on 17/07/2020 as Die Ander Pandemie.  It was written in a Church context, but has a much wider relevance. CHABAHIVA Trust received an English and updated version from Aneleh on 11 December 2020. With the rapid change in COVID-19  statistics we have not updated the numbers that reflect the situation of early December 2020. )

After more than 10 months of various degrees of lockdown-regulations, the COVID-19-pandemic continues to disrupt most lives and destroy many others, across the globe. In South Africa we have just hit the second wave of the pandemic and we are faced with the challenge to convince and motivate the general population to continue to be vigilant and adhere to the COVID-19 regulations.

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Our need for mutual support

Do you agree with the theory that organisations involved in the HIV scenario will have a greater impact when they cooperate? Doing “our own thing” is often exhausting and limits our impact.

Sometimes we might dream about ways to unite.  However, moving from the theory of cooperation towards the practice immediately opens many questions and opinions. Should there be a structure? Who should take the lead? What should bring organisations together? What aims should be pursued?

Networking takes time and energy that escalates when interaction grows. Many organisations spend all their energy and available funds to do its best for their beneficiaries and their communities. “Where are the reserves to participate in building networks?” Furthermore. we have all had experiences of participating in network activities that disappointed us.

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